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Job Information

If you are starting in your career or looking for something different you might find these job profiles useful. The profiles offer a broad overview of responsibilities and qualities needed for various positions within Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and other sectors of the industry.

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The Job Hunt Guide

The process of finding a new job can be a stressful one. Your actions from the initial stages of applying for a new job have a bearing on your chances of attaining the position. Inside the link you will find guidelines on the process with a few do’s and don’ts to help with the process of finding a job.

Experts at hand

All consultants working with First Contact have previously worked in the industry. This means to you, as a candidate, we have an understanding and knowledge of the pressure and responsibility that comes with your job. It also means that you can get impartial advice on your career and its progression. Once having established your needs, a consultant will be able to guide you on the best course of action necessary and through the many vacancies on our books represent you for the right position.

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