A Passion To Inspire

Support British Trained Young Chefs and FOH Students 2024

This proposal is to help and support all students leaving college in securing a permanent full time position in Hospitality.

Through the support of First Contact Chefs, "A Passion to Inspire" is wanting to help students who have recently left college and trained to at least Level 3, seeking a career path within Hospitality.

Clients will pass the job descriptions and great culinary journeys for young people to "A Passion to Inspire". Any position passed to "A Passion to Inspire" will remain internal and will not be published on any social media - Job Board or Website - but will be shared to support.

"A Passion to Inspire" will contact the 172 colleges it is connected to with a confidential list of up-to-date positions for both Kitchen and FOH students that have completed their college courses.

Lecturers will be asked to internally advertise these positions - have brief contact with the applicant to assess their future plans - most applicants will have to consider that to have a career they may have to look at moving away from home and living in - which may be in some circumstances within a 100 mile radius. Applicants will go through CV training with& "A Passion to Inspire" and First Contact Chefs will represent their details to the client.

Should you be invited to an interview or work trial "A Passion to Inspire" and First Contact Chefs will make all the necessary arrangements and advise on the interview format, assisting with any questions. First Contact Chefs will also liaise with the client and advise on feedback and confirm any job offer.

There is no cost to the applicant (besides travel to the interview / trial)

It is our pleasure to help and support young people with their career developments and support our great Hospitality Industry

For further details and information contact Passion to Inspire on murray@firstcontactuk.com - 07733 264 133