Privacy Policy

First Contact is commited to your personal privacy, you account settings will determine the level of privacy based on the services required. Whilst we make every effort to protect your information and provide facilities to manage it we do not accept liability for the loss of this information. We will not sell your information to any third party and should they gain unauthorised access to the information you will be notified immediately.

You should not provide any information you are not comfortable providing.

1. Cookies

When you create an account with us Cookies are used to store information which allows the site to indentify you. To properly use this site cookies must be turned on and available.

2. Your account

When you register with us the type of account you select determines the information that will be collected to allow us to do our job. You can view and ammend this information through your account manager, you can also delete all information held by us.

Where necessary we may pass data to third parties that help us process data and to prospective or intended employers for recruitment purposes. If requested, in accordance with English Law we will provide the information to regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies.

3. Purpose and duration

We will hold any information provided for a period of 12 months of inactivity, at that time you will be contacted to ask whether you would like to have your data remain within the system or delete it.

Information may be passed to third parties as part of the recruiting process.

4. Security

We will make every effort to ensure the security of the information provided to us, however should a 3rd party unauthorised access First Contact will not be liable for the loss of personal information. Sensitive data such as credit cards and bank pin numbers should not be disclosed within profiles and all information is disaplyed at the owners risk.